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Moorish Villa Photography | Eleonora Costi
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Moorish Villa Photography | Eleonora Costi

Italian photographer Eleonora Costi finds the beauty in abandoned buildings and photographs them for all to see. If you had to guess where these photos were taken, what would you say? Iran, surely? Or Morocco? Or perhaps Turkey? You’ll probably be surprised when we tell you that, in fact, this Moorish-style building was built in the 17th Century in…. Italy. The Castello di Sammezzano, in the province of Florence, is a huge building made up of 365 rooms, each with its own particular style. The residence was used as a hotel in the 1970s before being left to fall into disrepair. Fortunately, an ambitious plan for renovation has been proposed, so hopefully the building will be back in its former glory soon. Costi’s photos give you an idea of the wonderful spaces, beautiful colours, and incredibly intricate details in the castle. Visit her site to see more of this and other abandoned building photography from around Italy.

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