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Mood Glasses | Bence Agoston
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Mood Glasses | Bence Agoston

These glasses aren’t your ordinary, everyday specs, but they’re unusual all right. Hungarian design student Bence Agoston‘s MOOD glasses were designed for psychedelic music fans to have a more complete experience while they listen to their favourite tunes. Six interchangeable, UV-filtered lenses can be slotted into the 3D printed frames and rotated around their centre point. Each RGB colour-coded lens has a different pattern, such as a Moiré effect, so as the wearer adds lenses and moves them around, they experience a kind of kaleidoscopic effect which is different almost every time. The glasses can also be used with clear lenses for everyday use. The designer imagined the glasses being used while travelling, looking out the window and listening to music. What do you think?

mood_sunglasses_bence_agoston_01 mood_sunglasses_bence_agoston_02 mood_sunglasses_bence_agoston_03 mood_sunglasses_bence_agoston_04 mood_sunglasses_bence_agoston_05 mood_sunglasses_bence_agoston_06

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