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Ciclotramas | Mello & Landini
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Ciclotramas | Mello & Landini

Brazilian art duo Janaina Mello & Daniel Landini create these wonderful installations from unravelled rope, which they attach to surfaces like boxes, walls, ceilings and floors. The work is called Ciclotramas (meaning a section of a continuous and binary cycle with a hierarchical character, made up of interdependent elements) and it’s hard to tell whether the installations are most supposed to resemble trees, roots, nerve pathways, or something else entirely, but the work is beautifully organic and impossible to ignore. Mello & Landini have been creating Ciclotramas since 2010, yet each installation is unique in its own way.

ciclotrama_feeldesain_01 ciclotrama_feeldesain_02 ciclotrama_feeldesain_03 ciclotrama_feeldesain_04 ciclotrama_feeldesain_05 ciclotrama_feeldesain_06 ciclotrama_feeldesain_07

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