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Beep | New Deal Design
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Beep | New Deal Design

This is Beep, a gadget for music lovers, created by New Deal DesignThe stylish little metallic device allows you to connect your home speakers or stereo to streamed music like Spotify, Pandora or NPR, or MP3 and AAC music files, via WiFi and a phone app suitable for Android and iOS. With multiple Beeps, you can play the same or different music throughout your house, and all you need is an aux-in port to connect your speakers. Beep also uses an in-built 24-bit DAC to produce its audio signal, and thanks to the Beep team’s experience in audio design, the music quality promises to be perfect. You can buy a Beep on the company’s official site.

Beep_feeldesain_01 Beep_feeldesain_02 Beep_feeldesain_03 Beep_feeldesain_04 Beep_feeldesain_05 Beep_feeldesain_06 Beep_feeldesain_07 Beep_feeldesain_08 Beep_feeldesain_09 Beep_feeldesain_10 Beep_feeldesain_11 Beep_feeldesain_12

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