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Gran Fierro | Formafatal
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Gran Fierro | Formafatal

The Gran Fierro restaurant in Prague is the place to go if you’re after an Argentinian feast and an eye catching interior. Architects Dagmar Štěpánová and Katarína Varsová from Formafatal were responsible for the interior design of the 250 square metre space, and separated the restaurant into two areas: the well-lit entrance area with bar, and the more intimate rear area with tables, chill out area, and lounge. The space has hints of Argentina – like some Argentine angus wall decor and upholstery made using real Argentinian belts – but doesn’t look themey. There’s a touch of retro in the furnishings, but overall the space feels super modern. More photos by BoysPlayNice below.

GranFierro_feeldesain_01 GranFierro_feeldesain_02 GranFierro_feeldesain_03 GranFierro_feeldesain_04 GranFierro_feeldesain_05 GranFierro_feeldesain_06 GranFierro_feeldesain_07 GranFierro_feeldesain_08 GranFierro_feeldesain_09 GranFierro_feeldesain_10 GranFierro_feeldesain_11 GranFierro_feeldesain_12 GranFierro_feeldesain_13 GranFierro_feeldesain_14 GranFierro_feeldesain_15 GranFierro_feeldesain_16 GranFierro_feeldesain_17 GranFierro_feeldesain_18 GranFierro_feeldesain_19 GranFierro_feeldesain_20 GranFierro_feeldesain_21 GranFierro_feeldesain_22 GranFierro_feeldesain_23 GranFierro_feeldesain_24

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