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Elastic Lights | Marta Bordes
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Elastic Lights | Marta Bordes

London-based Spanish artist, Marta Bordes wanted to bring ceramic into the 21st century, so she designed this collection of articulated lamps. The designs are creative but also very functional, using ceramic in an unusual way. The lamps are made up from two or more smooth ceramic pieces which are joined together with bright elastic cords, which not only add a touch of colour, but also help the pieces to move around each other to point the lamp in a different direction.

ElasticLight_feeldesain_01 ElasticLight_feeldesain_02 ElasticLight_feeldesain_03 ElasticLight_feeldesain_04 ElasticLight_feeldesain_05 ElasticLight_feeldesain_06 ElasticLight_feeldesain_07 ElasticLight_feeldesain_08

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