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Moleskine Orchestra | Milan Design Week
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Moleskine Orchestra | Milan Design Week

The Moleskine design objects have been hacked and morphed into musical instruments. Pens are clappers, notebooks are bellows, e-reader cases are drums, glasses, pens, booklights and erasers, all used as structural components of these Moleskine musical machines.


Sculptures in motion that play percussion, they make up the Moleskine Orchestra, the musical design installation created by Felix Thorn, visionary composer and music and technology expert, for Milan Design Week. A new kind of hybridization that joins the many hacks created by artists, life hackers, inventors and enthusiasts from around the world who enjoy rearranging Moleskine design objects in a variety of different ways.

                      Felix Thorn at work during the creation of the musical machine
Sketches from the design stage

Moleskine Orchestra is being presented at La Rinascente in Milan as part of “Hacked, 100 Hours of Rebel Creativity” along with Moleskine SMS, another play on hacking, created by designer Pietro Corraini. To learn about the complete program of Moleskine events at Fuorisalone, click here.

Felix Thorn (1985, Brighton, England) invented and patented Felix’s Machines, musical machines assembled piece by piece which combine the artist’s electronic passion with his musical genius.

Moleskine Orchestra
@ HACKED Design Supermarket,
la Rinascente Piazza Duomo, Milan
April 15 – 30, daily from 7 AM to midnight

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