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Coke Light | Jean Paul Gaultier
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Coke Light | Jean Paul Gaultier

After a series of super weird commercials for Coke Light in which he has a questionable mentor-mentee relationship with a bunch of little dolls (seriously), Coke creative director Jean Paul Gaultier has come out with his limited edition drink bottles.

The two bottles were designed by Gaultier, and feature two iconic marks that make them his: the smock, and lingerie. They are also similar to his perfume bottles, “Le Male” and “Classique.” Accompanying the bottles are two commercials, which you can see on the right. One introduces the new bottle designs, while the other is, er, a little bit different — a glimpse into this enfant terrible’s mind.

Jean Paul Gaultier, nuovo direttore creativo di Coca Cola Lightha regalato alla bibita più amata di tutti i tempi un nuovo look glamour. 

Ispirato dalla forma sinuosa delle sue bottiglie, ha ideato un nuovo esclusivo packaging, rigorosamente in limited edition. Corsetti, tatuaggi, righe navy…gli elementi che rendono unico lo stile del couturier vanno ad impreziosire e rendere unico il design dell’esclusiva collezione “Night and day”: Love it light!

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