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Mars Chair | A lightweight furniture for another planet
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Mars Chair | A lightweight furniture for another planet

Thomas Missé, a recent ECAL graduate, has designed a lightweight, stackable chair made from carbon fibre that he believes will lower interplanetary importation costs. 

Created the project as a response to a brief to create furniture for Mars, this chair embodies the concept that the human colonization is a realistic possibility.  Through his project, the designer aimed to prepare furniture-buyers for a time in the future when all products will have to be imported from earth to space.

“This product is a small step closer to Mars, but aims to set up the ground base of a way of thinking about the production implication of the early stage of space colonisation,”  said the designer.

Concerned with the cost of getting furniture to new homes on the planet, Missé used a thin, lightweight material that would allow more units to be moved per-delivery.

Photography by Missè



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