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suspended stairs + all-in-one office
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suspended stairs + all-in-one office

Perfect for small lofts evolving vertically rather then horizontally, this staircase hides all you you need if there ain’t any extra space for your home studio. Object élevé is an installation in three parts that functions as a connection between two floors while also offering space to work, collect and store. Commissioned by Just Haastnoot, the project has been designed by Studio Mieke Meijer for his residence in Wassenaar.

Object-élevé-by-Mieke-Meijer_dezeen_sq Object-élevé-by-Mieke-Meijer_dezeen_12 Object-élevé-by-Mieke-Meijer_dezeen_11 Object-élevé-by-Mieke-Meijer_dezeen_10 Object-élevé-by-Mieke-Meijer_dezeen_9 Object-élevé-by-Mieke-Meijer_dezeen_8 Object-élevé-by-Mieke-Meijer_dezeen_7 Object-élevé-by-Mieke-Meijer_dezeen_5 Object-élevé-by-Mieke-Meijer_dezeen_4 Object-élevé-by-Mieke-Meijer_dezeen_3 Object-élevé-by-Mieke-Meijer_dezeen_2 Object-élevé-by-Mieke-Meijer_dezeen_1


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