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LUXURY JET-SKI | Strand Craft
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LUXURY JET-SKI | Strand Craft

Strand Craft has created a powerful, yet luxurious personal water craft that will definitely turn heads as it is cutting across the water’s surface.

Called the V8 Wet Rod (you know, like a Hot Rod, only on the water), this is certainly not your average jet ski. As its name suggests, the watercraft is powered by a 5.7-liter V8 engine which outputs a hefty 300 horsepower, allowing it to reach in impressive top speed of 65 mph. Built using carbon fiber and epoxy, it’s quite easy-on-the-eye as well, and also includes a waterproof luggage box and an ice box under the seat.

Options include a sound system, GPS navigator, and special custom paint, in addition to wood and carbon inlays.LUXURY_JET_SKI_FEELDESAIN_1 LUXURY_JET_SKI_FEELDESAIN_2 LUXURY_JET_SKI_FEELDESAIN_3 LUXURY_JET_SKI_FEELDESAIN_4 LUXURY_JET_SKI_FEELDESAIN_5 LUXURY_JET_SKI_FEELDESAIN_7


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