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Little Illustrations Of The Clichés In Hollywood Films
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Little Illustrations Of The Clichés In Hollywood Films

Illustrator Allan Barte has come up with an amusing series of posters that make fun of the clichés in Hollywood films. Barte points out the illogical occurrences in these movies, like how serial killers seem to be able to walk faster than their running victims, and that every apartment in France seems to have a view of the Eiffel Tower.



Every apartment in France has a view of the Eiffel Tower



Mimes represent 20% of France’s population



After making love, the bedsheets are somehow able to hide the breasts of the woman but not the torso of the man



DNA analysis only takes a few seconds!



The psychopathic killer walks faster even when his victims are running



There is network coverage for all phones all around the world, even in the most improbable of places…except when the protagonist needs it the most





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