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Kaleidosopic in Camera Light Paintings | Tacky
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Kaleidosopic in Camera Light Paintings | Tacky

Neon whirls and electric sparks dominate these vibrant works of art inspired by Dr. Seuss, M.C. Escher, comic books and countless geometric designs and patterns. Fascinated by the magical results of a long exposure and the manipulation of various light sources, photographer Jeremy Jackson (aka Tacky) works almost exclusively in light painting.


All of Jackson’s elaborate, kaleidoscopic images are constructed in camera without the use of Photoshop, except for an occasional rotation or crop. For this method, light is the brush and the environment is the canvas determined by space and time. Jackson sees unlimited potential in this medium. He asserts, “The techniques are endless. The world is your canvas. Anything you can imagine can be painted a million different ways.”

Kaleidoscopic_feeldesain_01 Kaleidoscopic_feeldesain_02 Kaleidoscopic_feeldesain_03 Kaleidoscopic_feeldesain_04 Kaleidoscopic_feeldesain_05 Kaleidoscopic_feeldesain_06 Kaleidoscopic_feeldesain_07 Kaleidoscopic_feeldesain_08 Kaleidoscopic_feeldesain_09 Kaleidoscopic_feeldesain_10 Kaleidoscopic_feeldesain_11


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