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Jaguar XKX – Concept Car
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Jaguar XKX – Concept Car

The XKX Jaguar is a new generation electric roadster, aimed at pushing both performance and power efficiency to a new level. This concept tries to revive the glorious design lines of the brand, combining fresh solutions, a unique, new aerodynamics, tailored around the electrical elements of the power system as well as cutting-edge energy feedback.

Design by Marin Myftiu &

Studio Renders


Another characteristic feature of the Jaguar XKX are the totally disappearing side mirrors. At about 1cm thickness, the mirrors perfectly fit the shallow hatch made in the door piece when the car is stopped and they unfold again in working position when it’s turned on. This adds to both the aesthetics, and protects the side mirrors from any damages when parked.


The Jaguar XKX

Inspired by the e-type from50 years ago.

One of the main challenges during the concept drafting was avoiding the heaviness associated with many of today’s muscle cars, including actual Jaguar models. Like with the models of the golden era, we wanted to recreate a thin, elegant profile, but still showing off all the extra power and technological improvements. The solution was dividing the volume into two separate perceptive entities: one that “floated over” and transmitted the characteristic veil-like feeling, and another, below this layer, that spoke of all the power and adrenaline this car was capable of, which was translated into ample front and rear openings at the sides. The morphology of the lower part was the most important and is obviously the most distinctive compared to current roadsters; the delicate equilibrium of the large curves of the air intakes had at the same time to transmit aggressiveness, but still appearing light and ephemeral, giving the adequate perceptive lightness to the upper curves.

Another element added to the mix aside from the endless paths and delicate air movements was the feline factor. The side view of the vehicle was a deliberate metaphor of the leaping jaguar and the company’s own logo, while many frontal elements, culminating with the headlights, were carefully shaped to induce a pleasant adrenaline discharge by resembling the angry expression of an attacking feline.


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