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Carlo Kemp Photography
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Carlo Kemp Photography

ONE CAMERA, ONE LENS by Carlo Kemp Photography

” These are some shots from my reportage about Graffiti Artists made for Leica for the “ONE CAMERA, ONE LENS ” project.

It took place in Bologna during the great cold of last winter, and was entirely made with a small mirrorless camera supplied by Leica, equipped with a single fixed lens equivalent to a 35mm.

My intent was to make visible an underlying reality, a way of making art that attracts
and escapes the eye, and whom people are usual to see only the results.
I tried to show the movements of a hidden world made by faceless shadows, paint trails, metallic tinkling, acrylic smokes and running trains but most of all made of dedication, sacrifices, bravery and numb fingers.

The choice of black and white was technically dictated by the multitude of colors used by graffiti artists, who might otherwise catalyze the attention distracting from the action and subject itself, and secondly I wanted to honor to the historic german brand and the great photographers who have created black and white masterpieces with it, influencing me and marking indelibly the current way of doing photography. “

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