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iPhone 4 Design Cases
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iPhone 4 Design Cases

    Creation of a collection of protective cases for iPhone4 :- QUARTET & STACKS, which both are the first modular iPhone cases, encourage customization and interaction, with tradable parts. 

    – The EGG case, while redefining the sense of touch with its texturized dimension, reminds us in a abstract way the shape of an egg crate (which is one of the strongest visual icon when it comes to protection).

    – For the FACET, I was inspired by the random geometry which happens when an iPhone4 breaks. I brought this idea by playing with various angles and triangles to combine an eye catching visual when used in any environment, and also as a tribute to Fukasawa’s phone who was one of the first product using the idea of faceted random shapes in subtle way.

    The cases will be released one at a time.


  • – QUARTET case
  • – STACKS case
  • – EGG case
  • – FACET case




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