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International Illustrations | Essi Kimpimäki
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International Illustrations | Essi Kimpimäki

Essi Kimpimäki is a Finnish illustrator now based in Scotland and she is a passionate traveller. Her images show the extent of her adventures, featuring places such as Greece, Morocco, Turkey, Portugal, Russia and more. Her style is very distinctive and colourful and each image is full of the essence of the place it depicts. Check out her website to see more of Essi’s work, or buy prints on her Etsy shop.

Essi Kimpimäki - Feel Desain1 Essi Kimpimäki - Feel Desain2 Essi Kimpimäki - Feel Desain3 Essi Kimpimäki - Feel Desain4 Essi Kimpimäki - Feel Desain5 Essi Kimpimäki - Feel Desain6 Essi Kimpimäki - Feel Desain7

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