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In Order to Control | Interactive Installation
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In Order to Control | Interactive Installation

It’s one thing to stand in font of a projector to create shadow puppets, but it’s an entirely different experience to block a text-based floor projection and see your typographic silhouette on an adjacent wall. Istanbul-based multidisciplinary creative studio NOTA BENE Visual has designed a mind-boggling audiovisual installation using an intricately executed video-mapping technique that uses the latest technology to create an artistically intriguing environment for spectators to engage in.

The interactive typographic installation titled In Order to Control features a constant loop of selected text about “the threshold [of] ethics and morality” projected on the ground. (You can read the full transcript of the projection here.) The most interesting thing about the project is the interactivity and its reliance on audience participation. As spectators step into the installation to read the projected content, their blackened silhouette covers the words on the floor and transfers them to the proximate wall.

One could marvel at this technological magic trick for a very long time, especially since there’s still scrolling text to be read. In order to actually read the text, one could technically run back and forth across the screen but it seems far more convenient to form an assembly of people, standing in tandem, eliminating spaces in which words can get lost.
This interactive element also alludes to the idea of interconnectivity and how we can all help each other, sharing information.

Be sure to watch the short video, below, to see this installation in action.

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