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Impossible magnets | Sara Enriquez
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Impossible magnets | Sara Enriquez

Impossible magnets is a series of animated GIFs made by Sara Enriquez that refers to imaginary cities from mythical works. From Hill Valley to Gotham City through Jurassic Park, no fan will be left behind.


GIFmagnets_feeldesain_01b GIFmagnets_feeldesain_02 GIFmagnets_feeldesain_03 GIFmagnets_feeldesain_04 GIFmagnets_feeldesain_05 GIFmagnets_feeldesain_06 GIFmagnets_feeldesain_07 GIFmagnets_feeldesain_08 GIFmagnets_feeldesain_09 GIFmagnets_feeldesain_10 GIFmagnets_feeldesain_11 GIFmagnets_feeldesain_12 GIFmagnets_feeldesain_13 GIFmagnets_feeldesain_14

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