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“Fingered”, a short film by Dave Razor
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“Fingered”, a short film by Dave Razor

“Fingered” is a short film about fingers with a rather unexpected ending.

Shot on a Nikon D7000 on a green screen and edited in After Effects, Dave successfully created this little creepy movement full of fingers and bizarre sounds. Not quite sure what the artist try to express. But it is still amazing by looking at the video itself.

Dave Razor is a graphic, motion and interactive designer from Appleton, USA . In his vision everything is about passion and thought, “If you think of something and you put your mind to it, it could transcend into reality (whatever that is).” he explains.

Check out for some more tomfoolery.

The result of this strong experiment is creepy and mesmerizing at the same time, it traps the viewer till the very end.

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