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Honey Typography | Alberto Martinez and Franc Navarro
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Honey Typography | Alberto Martinez and Franc Navarro

Here’s some unusual typography – these laser-cut and honey-covered letters are a project by Alberto Martinez and Franc Navarro, who studied at the IED in Barcelona. Students were asked to create a typography design with little post production, which also had to be inspired by liquids. Martinez and Navarro responded to the brief by creating laser-cut letters from wood, and covering them in sticky honey before photographing them against a neutral background. Pretty sweet, right?


Images Franc Navarro

honeyletters_feeldesain_01 honeyletters_feeldesain_02honeyletters_feeldesain_03 honeyletters_feeldesain_04 honeyletters_feeldesain_05 honeyletters_feeldesain_06 honeyletters_feeldesain_07 honeyletters_feeldesain_08

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