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Homes for Gen Y | Responsive Homes
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Homes for Gen Y | Responsive Homes

In Henderson, Nevada, you can find two rather special homes. These houses, created by Responsive Homes, were made to satisfy the needs of us Millennials, also known as Generation Y. They considered a survey of people aged 25-34 who were either already homeowners or were hoping to buy soon, and created two homes according to the results. As it turns out, Generation Y wants a combination of a customisable interior, space outside, and urban convenience in suburban surroundings. The homes created are customisable and unique – the Farmhouse costs around $300,ooo and boasts 2,130 square feet of space. It’s rustic but also modern, with a homely feel which still seems high end. The second home, the Contemporary Transitional, is pricier, at $450,000 but is also larger at 3,194 square feet. It was intended for a growing family, offering plenty of space both indoors and out. Floor plans can be personalised to suit any individual, and design finishes can be chosen to suit any number of tastes. Naturally, the homes are also eco-friendly for a generation ever more concerned about the environment. Check out the photos below and also the video tours, and see if these houses would suit you!






Contemporary Transitional:



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