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Expressive Prints | Cassie Byrnes
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Expressive Prints | Cassie Byrnes

Cassie Byrnes is a young textile designer from Melbourne, Australia who loves to experiment with patterns, colours, textures and prints. Although she’s specialised in fabrics, Cassie also works with ceramics, paper, and more, with the theme of colour and expression running through everything she does. Below, we’ve collected some of our favourite pieces of Cassie’s work, but there’s plenty more to explore on her website.


Images via Cassie Byrnes

cassiebyrnes_feeldesain_01 cassiebyrnes_feeldesain_02

Image: Danielle Chau

cassiebyrnes_feeldesain_03 cassiebyrnes_feeldesain_04

cassiebyrnes_feeldesain_05 cassiebyrnes_feeldesain_06 cassiebyrnes_feeldesain_07 cassiebyrnes_feeldesain_08 cassiebyrnes_feeldesain_09

Image: Linen House

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