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Modern Saints | Andrey Smirny
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Modern Saints | Andrey Smirny

Andrey Smirny‘s Modern Saints series was created especially for a Hopes & Fears article which considered how saints are assigned to various professions (Matthew the tax collector is the patron accountants, for example), and went on to find the perfect patron saints for various digital professions, from IT Technician to Wikipedia Editor. Smirny’s flat illustrations are fun to look at and we’re sure you’ll enjoy them – visit the Hopes & Fears article to find out why each saint has been assigned to their role!


Images: Andrey Smirny


Drone enthusiast: Saint Joseph of Cupertino



Net artist: Saint Thomas



User experience designer: Saint Gemma Galgani



Information technician: Saint Denis



Video game athlete: Teresa of Avila



Developer: Ferdinand III of Castile



Wikipedian: Saint Zita



Social media manager: Bernardino of Siena


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