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History Channel ads
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History Channel ads

This breathtaking series of History Channel ads by Seth Taras take notable moments from the past before placing them in the modern day.

The campaign is titled Know Where You Stand and these images effectively portrays this. What may otherwise be seen as everyday pieces of scenery, these superimposed images help put them into context.
They display the historical significance of such locations.

It’s interesting to wonder about how some of the rich history came to be in different spots around the world. This campaign encourages individuals to research and respect these places, because something that may have shaped who we are as people may have taken place there. This mentality also encourages audiences to watch the History Channel to learn about these events and locations.


Lakehurst, New Jersey, USA 1937/2004



Saint-Laurent-sur-Mec, Normandy, France 1944/2004



On the Strasse des siebzehnten Juni, Berlin 1989/2004



The terrace of the Palais de Chaillot, Paris, 1940/2004

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