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House in Hiyoshi | EANA
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House in Hiyoshi | EANA

This compact home ‘House in Hiyoshi’ by Japanese firm EANA is located in Yokohama City and was designed as simple as possible. The rectangular house includes a bedroom, a future kid-room, storage space and a bathroom, all placed on the first floor with a low ceiling, while the floor-to-height distances are flexible and can be adjusted to future needs. A staircase leads up to the second floor including the social space with kitchen and living room and a 4-meter high ceiling. A huge window stretches nearly to the extents of the wall to enjoy the panoramic view, or if you are up for some fresh air, follow the metal staircase to the hidden rooftop terrace.

All images © Koichi Torimura | Via: ARCHIscene

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