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Helio Curve | Reuben Margolin for Hyundai
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Helio Curve | Reuben Margolin for Hyundai

This huge kinetic installation is another of our favourite things from Milan Design Week so far. Designed by Reuben Margolin for Hyundai, the Helio Curve installation explores the relationship between natural and automotive worlds, focusing particularly on movement. The shape is created by suspending 400 wooden blocks  inside a 5-metre cube. Every block is connected to an electrically powered metal drive, which allows them to move continuously, creating an organic and harmonious movement. The lighting on the installation and the special sounds – created by Hyundai Motor’s Sound Design Research Lab using the themes of cosy, modern, and neo-classic – further add to the experience.

HelioCurve_feeldesain_01 HelioCurve_feeldesain_02

HelioCurve_feeldesain_03 HelioCurve_feeldesain_04 HelioCurve_feeldesain_05 HelioCurve_feeldesain_06 HelioCurve_feeldesain_07 HelioCurve_feeldesain_08

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