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The second largest Chinatown community
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The second largest Chinatown community

We are in San Francisco where is located Chinatown community, that is the America’s oldest Chinatown and the second-largest Chinese settlement outside China (after Manhattan). Founded in 1848, Chinatown has grown to become one of San Francisco’s most recognizable and visited neighborhoods. Despite being a popular tourist destination, Chinatown has retained its incredibly distinct culture. Wondering through the alleys of Chinatown is like stepping back in time. And if you are a foodie with an adventurous spirit, this is the place! From dim sum to fish to turtle, Chinatown has it all. Here some of our favorites images.

Images credit: Chrismichel

20080519163755_chinatown Chinatown-in-San-Francisco-California

ChinatownSF_FeelDesain_01 ChinatownSF_FeelDesain_02 ChinatownSF_FeelDesain_08 ChinatownSF_FeelDesain_09 ChinatownSF_FeelDesain_03 ChinatownSF_FeelDesain_05 ChinatownSF_FeelDesain_06 ChinatownSF_FeelDesain_07 ChinatownSF_FeelDesain_04

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