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3d Lollipops | Babines
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3d Lollipops | Babines

3D printing is getting really popular nowadays. The sweet business Babines is a young french brand of handcrafted lollipops. Candies with original shapes and colors are made from paper drawings and 3D printing technology. Lollipops are then handmade by a confectioner and send directly in the shops. Creations are available in several flavors from blueberry to lemon including cola. A customization service is also available. The shop is also on Facebook and Instagram

Images Credit: Babines

LollipopBabines_FeelDesain_05 LollipopBabines_FeelDesain_01 LollipopBabines_FeelDesain_02 LollipopBabines_FeelDesain_03 LollipopBabines_FeelDesain_04 LollipopBabines_FeelDesain_06 LollipopBabines_FeelDesain_07 LollipopBabines_FeelDesain_08 LollipopBabines_FeelDesain_09 LollipopBabines_FeelDesain_10


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