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Halloween Macarons
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Halloween Macarons

Are you ready for Halloween?! Do you want to prepare somethink special and different?! So try to make this Pumpkins Macarons!! This is not a recipe, this is just some tips to follow to get a better result! Have fun and enjoy!

1. Age the egg whites.  My backyard chooks give me super fresh eggs, great for everything except Macarons.  The fresh egg whites were giving me too much rise but leave the whites in the fridge for 3 days helps.

2. Powdered food colouring gives much better results than liquid.  I used an 1/8 teaspoon of yellow and a little less of red to achieve the brilliant orange for my pumpkins.

3. When you add the almond meal stir the mixture just a little more than you think you need to.  Mine failed the first few times because I didn’t stir enough meaning no feet and a point that didn’t disappear. The mixture needs to flow like lava so once piped they spread just a little and form a smooth top. Having said that over mixing is also a problem. Macarons definitely need to be made by feel and doing a class really helped me with that.

4. Make a template to guide your piping. I drew little pumpkins on some baking paper and used that as a guide.  Just don’t pipe onto the side you draw on as the lead will transfer onto the base of the cooked Macarons.  I have clear baking mats so I put the drawing underneath and then I can re-use.

5. Put the uncooked Macarons under a fan for 15 minutes to help form a skin.  This helps form those all important feet.

6. Know your oven.  Mine has a feature for locking in the moisture.  Great for juicy roasts but no good for crispy Macarons. I open the oven door multiple times during cooking to let the moisture out.

Have fun and enjoy!


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