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Greeting to the Sun | Interactive Light Installation
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Greeting to the Sun | Interactive Light Installation

Croatian architect Nikola Bašić’s LED light installation titled Saudação ao Sol, translated as Greeting to the Sun, is a remarkable piece of public art that efficiently incorporates technology. The circular floor installation consists of three hundred multilayered glass plates encasing solar cells that absorb sunlight during the day and come alive at night, putting on a spectacular light show.
The animated light piece adds another layer of beauty to the scenic coastal town of Zadar, Croatia.

More than just an automated light show, the installation is an interactive experience. It is designed to respond to Bašić’s other sound installation called Sea Organs, also located within the area. The light effects on the surface of the 22-meter diameter disc reflects the “rhythm of the waves and the sounds of the Sea Organs” through the colorful, geometric patterns that sweep through the energy efficient panels.

The solar powered installation also proves to be an advocate for clean energy, showcasing the capabilities of renewable sources of power. Greeting to the Sun stores enough power to provide a sufficient supply of electricity to light the entire waterfront for a third of the cost.

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