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Geometric Halloween Masks | Wintercroft
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Geometric Halloween Masks | Wintercroft

Looking for costume inspiration for Halloween next weekend? Marianne and Steve over at Wintercroft spent the last year dreaming up several new geometric paper masks that you can download as DIY templates. Starting from raw material and turning it into a new object like a mask can be a very rewarding experience. You can have multiple components and even moving parts like an articulated elephant’s trunk, or the long body of a fish. All you have to do is download, print at home and assemble your mask within minutes. All of these masks are available on the website. We hope that you have fun building them!

Wintercroft_feeldesain_1 Wintercroft_feeldesain_2 Wintercroft_feeldesain_3 Wintercroft_feeldesain_4 Wintercroft_feeldesain_5 Wintercroft_feeldesain_6 Wintercroft_feeldesain_7 Wintercroft_feeldesain_8 Wintercroft_feeldesain_9 Wintercroft_feeldesain_10




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