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This is a preview of a custom future pair of sneakers from Adidas: Adidas Futurecraft 3D is the name of this project. For the future of footwear will undoubtedly belong to 3D printed shoes, as previewed by Adidas with their first attempt at custom fit 3D printed footwear. The Futurecraft 3D was born out of a simple challenge within Adidas: “create a world-first footwear product using the latest in 3D printing”. By harnessing 3D printing technology, the ultimate goal of true product customization is closer than ever before. It’s a promise of a fast approaching revolutionary in-store experience, where your style of running could be analyzed and used to create a perfectly tailored functional product. The dream is to one day have customers step onto a treadmill and have their gait analyzed and a carbon copy 3D foot scan of the runner’s own footprint reproduced accordingly.

AdidasFuturecast3D_FeelDesain_01 AdidasFuturecast3D_FeelDesain_02 AdidasFuturecast3D_FeelDesain_03 AdidasFuturecast3D_FeelDesain_04 AdidasFuturecast3D_FeelDesain_05 AdidasFuturecast3D_FeelDesain_06 AdidasFuturecast3D_FeelDesain_07 AdidasFuturecast3D_FeelDesain_08


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