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Fuorisalone 2019 Isola Design District, the now-or-never guide by Feel Desain
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Our guide to Fuorisalone 2019 is almost over. Today let’s talk our Isola Design District.

Science, research, history, a circular economy: these are just a few of the expansive sectors Isola Design District looks to address at this year’s Fuorisalone under the larger theme of Unlimited Design.

The theme of this year want’s to come as a provocation. The goal is clear, celebrate design in all of its forms.

The theme of this year – Unlimited Design – want’s to come as a provocation. The goal is clear, celebrate design in all of its forms.

Augmented reality — the biggest novelty to be introduced in Isola for Fuorisalone 2019 — will find its most articulate expression at the Milan Design Market in Via Pastrengo 14, the exhibit-market curated by Elif Resitoglu dedicated to the theme “Find the Lost City”. Among the design objects on sale are a pair of Neubau glasses, a Viennese brand presenting the Walter and Wassily model realized in celebration of the Bauhaus centenary.

Now in its third edition, the Isola Design District has expanded to include Via Farini, Viale Stelvio, and the Palazzo della Regione in Via Melchiorre Gioia, all while maintaining its core in Stecca 3.0. Situated in Via de Castillia 26, it’s here that organizers will set up the district’s Design Village.

Among the many projects on display, don’t miss Hartwerp from Belgian designer Lien Van Deuren, a collection of interactive urban furnishings (pictured below), the modular Snake chair from Campidarte using old egg containers, and Stauper by Gard Hagen and Jonas Carlsen, a bio-composite daybed in linen fabric.

Back at Stecca 3.0, 3D Printed Bar comes from Caracol Studio, realized with biopolymers made from natural materials that are both zero impact and biodegradable.

Australia’s DesignByThem will then transform the Viafarini artist’s residency at Via Farini 35 into a design playground with over 30 pieces of furniture signed by the company, alongside the new DL Seating collection realized in collaboration with Dion Lee.

Caracol Studio

The environments of the Fonderia Napoleonica Eugenia, meanwhile, will host the headquarters of an experimental exhibition from Japanese creatives Enzo Satoru Tabata and Daiken Eiji Suzuki of Team Balanco. In the same space, Jukai (Marta Fumagalli and Riccardo Piovano) insert their suspended installations alongside the stunning sculptures of Barbara Crimella.

Like every year, the Opening Day its set for Tuesday, with events in all the main locations of the district. Finally, to see all the events and talks go

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