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FIFA Women’s World Cup Installation in Frankfurt
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FIFA Women’s World Cup Installation in Frankfurt

The 2011 FIFA Women’s World Cup is the sixth instance of the FIFA Women’s World Cup, the world championship for women’s national association football teams. It is being held from 26 June to 17 July 2011 in Germany, which won the right to host the event in October 2007.

The matches are played in nine stadiums in nine host cities around the country, with the final being played at the Commerzbank Arena in Frankfurt. Sixteen teams were selected for participation via a worldwide qualification tournament that began in 2009. In the first round of the tournament finals, the teams compete in round-robin groups of four teams for points, with the top two teams in each group proceeding. These eight teams advance to the knockout stage, where two rounds of play decide which teams will participate in the final.

This is a great Installation of the most popular german football player Birgit Prinz on the Zeil in Frankfurt…!!

Enjoy the photogallery & the video!

Thanks to our friend Sergio Fragomeli for the amazing photographies!




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