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Feminine Forms in Long-Exposure photos | J. Pietrzak
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Feminine Forms in Long-Exposure photos | J. Pietrzak

This eerie collection is an intriguing self-portrait series created by American photographer Janelle Pietrzak. In every large color photograph, ghostly female forms interrupt the strikingly beautiful landscapes with a lingering presence that is both mystifying and haunting.

Entitled The Secret Garden, the performance work is filled with an elegant femininity that whisks viewers off into a magical world inspired by unique locations around the globe. Pietrzak uses long exposures to record the solitary figures which “embody the phenomenal spirits that haunt clandestine spaces.” Viewers can never be quite certain of what they see, and are often left in limbo between reality and fantasy.

Five years ago, Pietrzak underwent spinal fusion surgery to relieve her debilitating chronic back pain. She found the event to be a life-changing experience and, after months of rest and recovery, she decided to pack up her bags and follow her dreams to travel the world.

Currently based in Mexico, Pietrzak will present The Secret Garden in an exclusive, one-night-only event, on April 12, 2014, in one of San Miguel de Allende’s private hacienda style gardens. The magical creations will then be on view for one month following the event.

JanellePietrzakTheSecretGarden1 JanellePietrzakTheSecretGarden2 JanellePietrzakTheSecretGarden3 JanellePietrzakTheSecretGarden4 JanellePietrzakTheSecretGarden5 JanellePietrzakTheSecretGarden6 JanellePietrzakTheSecretGarden7 JanellePietrzakTheSecretGarden8 JanellePietrzakTheSecretGarden9 JanellePietrzakTheSecretGarden10 JanellePietrzakTheSecretGarden11 JanellePietrzakTheSecretGarden12 JanellePietrzakTheSecretGarden13 JanellePietrzakTheSecretGarden14

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