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25 dresses for 25 cities | J. Waibel
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25 dresses for 25 cities | J. Waibel

German designer Jule Waibel has created 25 of her folded paper dresses for fashion brand Bershka’s shop windows around the world. Jule Waibel produces the dresses by hand-pleating large sheets of paper into forms that fit the body. Each takes over ten hours to complete. She was contacted by Bershka with an offer to exhibit 25 dresses in as many of its flagship stores in cities including London, Paris, Milan, Istanbul, Osaka and Mexico City. Waibel scores the paper horizontally and vertically before folding along the seams, then repeats the process for the diagonal. Most of the dresses are printed with colour gradients, while a few are covered with detailed patterns.

IMG_2032 IMG_2033 IMG_2042 IMG_2048 IMG_2056 IMG_2062 IMG_2066 IMG_2075 IMG_2109 jule_waibel_00-630x419 jule_waibel_01-630x355 jule_waibel_02-630x356 jule_waibel_03-630x354 jule_waibel_04-630x356 IMG_0210 all-small Origami-dresses-by-Jule-Waibel-for-Bershka_dezeen_11 Origami-dresses-by-Jule-Waibel-for-Bershka_dezeen_1

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