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Hipstamatic iPhone app in Afghanistan
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Hipstamatic iPhone app in Afghanistan

The limits of the Hipstamatic iPhone app are also part of its appeal… Rita Leistner è una fotografa e reporter canadese che dal febbraio 2011 ha aderito al progetto inAfghanistan. La peculiarità dei sui scatti, oltre all’evidente bellezzaforza, sta nel fatto, che sono tutti realizzati con un iPhone e la nota App hipstamatic.

The limits of the Hipstamatic iPhone app are also part of its appeal – the discipline of the single objective square frame, the absence of artificial lighting, being forced to slow down. And while some amateurs will benefit from the funky effects of the app, no device can direct the shot: establish composition, subject and background, the relationship with your subject, the semiotics of colour, access to a war zone…  — Rita Leistner.

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