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Eco Pot | Julia Kononenko
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Eco Pot | Julia Kononenko

Julia Kononenko‘s desktop organiser, named Eco Pot, is the ideal way to bring the outdoors in and have your own little garden at your desk. The wooden pot includes a space for plants, as well as room for your pens. The pots can be put together to make your desk garden even larger, or can be used individually.  We’d certainly love one of these in our office.

EcoPot_feeldesain_01 EcoPot_feeldesain_02 EcoPot_feeldesain_03 EcoPot_feeldesain_04 EcoPot_feeldesain_05 EcoPot_feeldesain_06 EcoPot_feeldesain_07 EcoPot_feeldesain_08 EcoPot_feeldesain_09 EcoPot_feeldesain_10 EcoPot_feeldesain_11 EcoPot_feeldesain_12 EcoPot_feeldesain_13 EcoPot_feeldesain_14 EcoPot_feeldesain_15

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