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A Very Smart Mattress | Luna Sleep
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A Very Smart Mattress | Luna Sleep

There are tons of apps out there which promise to help you get better quality kip, but Luna Sleep‘s mattress cover is truly smart.


The cover monitors your sleep patterns, heart rate and breath frequency, controls the temperature of the bed on each side (so that couples don’t have to compromise!), wakes you up at just the right time in your sleep cycle, and can even be controlled from your smartphone so you can arrive home to a toasty bed. Over time, the cover becomes familiar with you and can recommend optimum temperatures for good sleep, and make suggestions to stop snoring, amongst other things. It can also be joined up with other smart devices like lights, speakers and air vents.


For some, it may feel like sleeping in a sleep clinic every night, but is certainly an interesting idea and a one-stop solution for all your sleeping needs. If you think this is just what you need, the mattress covers can be pre-ordered from $199 on the Luna website.

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