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Stylish Smartbike | DuBike by Baidu
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Stylish Smartbike | DuBike by Baidu

The ‘DuBike‘ is a smart bike concept being developed by Chinese search engine Baidu. The smart bike, which is also a stylish creation, uses tons of technology in order to make cycling easier, safer, and much more technological.


The built-in app system and sensors fitted around the bike allow the cyclist to track their health metrics and telemetry, even offering fitness advice. There is also the added advantage of built in navigation in the form of laser indicators on the handlebars, meaning no dangerous fiddling with a smartphone while on the move. There are even brake lights for extra safety. The GPS system also allows the owner to locate their bicycle if it is stolen, as the real time location is transmitted back to the phone with the app. The onboard electronics get charged by the kinetic energy generated while cycling too, so no need for chargers to top up the power. The bike even incorporates a social aspect, allowing you to connect with other cyclists, as well as always improving your routes as it learns more about you.


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