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“Dust Road Renegades”: a true Freitag story by Acid House
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“Dust Road Renegades”: a true Freitag story by Acid House

“Dust Road Renegades”: a true Freitag story by Acid House.

Animation film artists tell the story of Freitag – From Truck Till Bag – in completely different ways, with different plots, in different styles and with a different agenda.


Freitag only made one requirement of their Tarp Blanche artists: tell this how. “We’ve been telling the same story since 1993, and it just never gets old. What we do at Freitag is pretty straightforward: bags, accessories and workwear that’s functional, robust and stylish (we hope). To tell the story of how we do it is more challenging”.

Dust Road Renegades is made by Ivan Despi and his formidable team at Acid House. The small but perfectly formed studio, run by Ivan and his wife Pauline, is located in the middle of Manila’s glitter and grime. Their five-year-old son Grey also put his stamp on the film: the characters are based on his drawings. It makes sense that their From Truck To Bag story about the Freitag production process pays tribute to the Philippine commuter trucks known as jeepneys: after all, they’re an integral part of the hot, humid metropolis’s loud, chaotic commuter traffic.


Images by Acid House

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