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Double exposure animal images | Andreas Lie
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Double exposure animal images | Andreas Lie

We adore the etherial effect of Andreas Lie‘s double-exposure animal photos. The Norwegian artist takes photographs of animals such as wolves, racoons, and bears, and combines them with landscape photos of Scandinavia, cleverly working the two images together so that one blends seamlessly into the other. If you love his work, you can buy prints and even cushions, clocks and bedspreads with these images here.

DoubleExposureAnimals_feeldesain_01 DoubleExposureAnimals_feeldesain_02 DoubleExposureAnimals_feeldesain_03 DoubleExposureAnimals_feeldesain_04 DoubleExposureAnimals_feeldesain_05 DoubleExposureAnimals_feeldesain_06 DoubleExposureAnimals_feeldesain_07 DoubleExposureAnimals_feeldesain_08 DoubleExposureAnimals_feeldesain_09 DoubleExposureAnimals_feeldesain_10

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