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A Milan Expo pavilion every day | Day 11: Belarus
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A Milan Expo pavilion every day | Day 11: Belarus

The next pavilion in our series to honour the 2015 Milan Expo is that of Belarus. Through its pavilion, which is made up of a grassy hill dissected by a pathway, and features an enormous water wheel and a spring of drinking water, Belarus is looking to promote its industries of agriculture and dynamics, as well as its active roles in the fight against hunger, improving water quality, and nature conservation. There are various areas, where visitors can taste typical Belarusian foods, buy local products, and learn from experts, as well as be entertained by exhibitions and folk music.


Join us tomorrow for the 12th instalment in our Milan Expo Pavilion-a-day series.

ExpoBelarus_feeldesain_01ExpoBelarus_feeldesain_02 ExpoBelarus_feeldesain_03 ExpoBelarus_feeldesain_04 ExpoBelarus_feeldesain_05ExpoBelarus_feeldesain_06ExpoBelarus_feeldesain_07ExpoBelarus_feeldesain_08

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