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A Milan Expo pavilion every day | Day 12: Belgium
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A Milan Expo pavilion every day | Day 12: Belgium

To Belgium for Day 12 of our series for Milan Expo. The pavilion, which is made from natural and easily recyclable materials and uses advanced insulation and water management technology, was designed by Patrick Genard & Asociados and shows off the small European nation’s sustainability, innovation and identity. The main feature of the structure is “Lobe City”, a little town inside which there are interactive and exciting displays and experiments showing advances in food technology. There are three areas: the farm, the cellar, and the atrium, and each space has a different focus; the first is reserved for the government, the second is the laboratory, and the third is a relaxation area. Naturally, you can also get your hands on fine Belgian chocolate, fries, and some of Belgium’s famous beer while you take in the welcoming culture and explore the innovative technologies presented by the nation. Belgium is also collaborating with some of the universities of Milan in order to help train students, giving them professional experience in a multicultural and multilingual environment.


Come back tomorrow for Pavilion #13…

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