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The Pitched Roof House
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The Pitched Roof House

In early design phases, most architectural projects work within the boundaries the home’s needs, and the concept of the design. But for the Pitched Roof House, the design was literally built around the strict building code guidelines for the neighborhood it was built in.



The local buildings department decided to play hardball with the new build. “Council requirements for setbacks, roof pitch, recessive colors, and roof and street context literally formed the boundaries of the project,” the team explained. Within these tough boundaries came the solutions that created this stunning new residence.


Materials such as pre-weathered zinc (which came highly recommended by the council), charcoal colored glass, and warm toned wood created the warm material & color pallet. Them the council gave specific height measurements for the roof, which varied at certain points, these points are what created the beautiful geometric design!


In spite of the extreme challenges that Chenchow Little had to face, The residence turned out to be a fascinating structure. The interior decor is kept quiet and minimalistic to allow the interior architecture to do all the speaking. The walls are finished with stone and white paint, with black trimming around the angles to enhance the nature of the zigzagging design.


There are two points of entry, one is through the underground car park, and the second is through the top floor – where a long wooden walk way leads you to the concealed metal front doors. Upon entry, an open plan of the living room, dining room, and foyer keep natural ventilation and makes the space seem large and light filled. In between the dining room and the living room there is an external wooden patio, to enjoy the warm rays that cast down into the home.






(Photography By John Gollings)


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