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Don’t Forget the Cassette
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Don’t Forget the Cassette

Retro Graphic Design Of Cassette Labels Turned Into Gorgeous Typographic Posters

After giving us these beautiful baggage tag-inspired posters, UK-based illustrator and graphic artist Neil Stevens has recently created a new series of posters that are based on the minimalist designs of cassette inlay labels.
If you are old enough to remember how cassettes look like, the graphics, layouts and typographic styles found on these attractive posters would seem familiar to you.
Featuring the “crude typography and bold colors” found on the C60 and 90 cassette tapes, they also include the quaint technical details typically printed on cassettes, such as “30 minutes per side” in reference to the recording duration.
Stevens states that these posters will be available on his online store very soon, so keep your eyes peeled for them if you would like to grab one or more for your walls.
Scroll down to view the entire “Don’t Forget The Cassette” poster collection.









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