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Corporate Identity | Six & Five
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Corporate Identity | Six & Five

The branding project of the day is this pastel coloured delight created by and for Six & Five, a contemporary art studio based in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Like the studio’s work, their visual identity crosses the line between art and design, featuring some relatively simple elements alongside more artistic ones like bold posters and holographic foil lettering. The colour choices are right up to date and the branding reflects the edgy style of the company. See more on Six & Five’s website.


Images: Six & Five

sixandfive_feeldesain_01 sixandfive_feeldesain_02 sixandfive_feeldesain_03 sixandfive_feeldesain_04 sixandfive_feeldesain_05 sixandfive_feeldesain_06 sixandfive_feeldesain_07 sixandfive_feeldesain_08 sixandfive_feeldesain_09

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