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Coat Check Chair Concept
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Coat Check Chair Concept


Maybe some people do not believe if we used a coat hanger used to hang clothing can be used as a chair. Check Coact is the seat concept that seeks to encourage people to hang their coats up to the property. Design aside only plastic hangers and steel rods of standard cabinets cabinets and create a chair from the elements and change the inside-out cabinets. Design aside only plastic hangers and steel bars from closeat standards and creating a chair of thoee element. The idea is to bring things out into the open to see and thus remembered every day. Seats can be great for house parties or just a daily routine. Check Choat also has the potential to be used in woment boutiquee clothing, help with dressing room organization. The chair is still in the concept and if produced will be made of steel pipe and tubular extruded plastic hangers.


Chair made of plastic hangers and the steel

Coat Check Chair Concept by Joey Zeledón

Coat Check Chair_colorwheel

The Plastic Coat Check Chair

Concept Coat Check Chair

Coat Check Chair Concept

Plastic Coat Check Chair

Coat Check Chair Design Concept




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