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Parotia TV Unit by Burak Kocak
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Parotia TV Unit by Burak Kocak

Multidisciplinary designer Burak Kocak made a TV Unit called Parotia.

The aim of the artist is to create a background for the TV and turning TV as a focal point to users. The soft touch shell aims to create an emotional bond with the customer, making the object more appealing.

Parotia seems to denounce progress in technology and TV becomes the symbol. Nowadays there’s no need for a cd to watch or a black box to connect to the satellite. Objects seem to lose their functions.

Parotia TV Unit by Burak Kocak comes with two different leg designs: one is a powder coated dye-cast aluminum designed for workspaces, the other leg design aims for a more domestic look which is made from oak wood comes with natural or colored.

Generally, Kocak’s works focus on the alliance between graphical effect and functional aspect of the product. In 2018 he won German Design Award for seating collection Hull and Iconic Awards for 1962 chair. If you want to see more, please visit

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